Metal Powder Bonding Mixer

Product details

Metal Powder Bonding Mixer

Metal powder bonding refers to the process of sticking metal powder to the surface of powder coating particles to form metal powder coating bonding. This product combines advanced foreign technology to develop an intelligent bonding machine with independent intellectual property rights.


1. The torque automatically calculates the average value, and runs to capture the curing torque value. And lock the bonding temperature value according to the curing torque. Automatic constant temperature operation, according to the slope and constant temperature value, automatically adjust the speed.

2. Adjustable baffle to ensure full integration and bonding of various powders in the tank. Remote fault diagnosis.

3. The flashing effect of metal powder is excellent

4. Bonding motor frequency conversion speed regulation

5. Automatic heating temperature control

6. The powder spray gun atomization effect is good


ModelOutput(kg/h)Mixing Time(min)Mixing Power(kw)Dimension(mm)